Need to free up some time? Quality written essays starting at $10/page.


Too many assignments and too little time? I know the feeling, that is why I created this site. I am a college graduate, Bachelors in Sociology, and a Masters in Theology (think religion). I am an avid reader and a great writer. In college I was not so much an avid reader…thus, I had to become a GREAT writer to still get good grades on papers I really did not read for. Here is where you can benefit from my experience. My target audience is college students in their first 2 years of college; however, I will accept any undergrad assignments.

Written papers…email me the assignment you need to complete as well as either links to, or pictures of, the reading material associated with the assignment. If it is based on a book, then we can communicate; it is likely I can figure out a way to get the information I need to write a paper on it. Writing papers takes time to prepare, and then to write. It is hard to put an exact price on what a written paper is worth because they are all different. However, to start out, I will offer written papers at $10/page, flat rate. I will need you to tell me when they are “due” to you. Preferably, give me a few days notice rather than emailing me the night you want it done. My papers will be 100% original and are NOT to be plagiarized and turned in as your own. However, the quality will be such, that should a student do a dishonorable thing such as turning in my original written work as their own; I guarantee that that paper would receive a grade no lower than an 82%, most likely, in the 85% – 92% range. If it does not meet that quality, I would expect the buyer to prove this to me for a full refund. I will stand by my word and you can trust that for this simple reason. I have always wanted to get paid for writing, and for that to happen, I need buyers of my work. I will deliver a quality product that you will be satisfied with and I would appreciate you telling your friends and classmates. The more buyers of my work, the more money I make. It is far better to return $20 and have a satisfied customer, rather than fill my gas tank halfway and start out with a bad reputation. In business, reputation is key. I strive to build an excellent one.

I am local to Las Cruces and can accept payments in cash if that is your preferred method of payment. I am also setup to accept credit cards as my preferred method of payment, simply because it is easier and we can conduct all transactions online via email and this site.

Please feel free to check out the rest of my site if you wish, I will be adding my musical creations and perhaps other written works on topics I wish to expound upon. For your convenience my email is: I won’t make you hunt the site for my contact info ;). Best wishes, and congratulations on some newly found free time! Treat yourself a little or maybe just take a much needed nap!